Anyone who doesn’t want to see how Ozil links up with Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky and others either hates football or just hates Arsenal.
~ Sam Limbert (via imobsessive)
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1 year ago on 3 September 2013 ~ 8:03pm 79 notes
There is one thing you can’t accuse Sergio Ramos of, and that’s not putting his heart in the game.
~ My commentator (via ichliebefutbol)
1 year ago on 4 May 2013 ~ 9:42pm 202 notes
Elegance, class, talent, speed, precision - this is Cristiano Ronaldo.
~ My commentator (via cristianoronfans)
1 year ago on 24 April 2013 ~ 10:32pm 190 notes
I can’t see 22 men on this pitch at the end of this match
~ My commentator (via ihavemagnificentgardenparty)
1 year ago on 26 February 2013 ~ 10:47pm 20 notes
Portugal has Ronaldo. But we’ve got Özil
~ Manuel Neuer, Press conference (via linlinlin12)
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2 years ago on 8 June 2012 ~ 11:41pm 255 notes
I look forward to lift the trophy but without dropping it.
~ Sergio Ramos. (via madridistarey)
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2 years ago on 3 May 2012 ~ 1:28am 523 notes
I know we sit here every game with critical comments, but we do have to remember that the Real Madrid-team we’re seeing here is different from all the others. You can talk about Galácticos and dream teams all you want, but this team right here beats all the records. They really are something special.
~ Commentator (via alonsoes)
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2 years ago on 29 April 2012 ~ 1:59pm 65 notes
In 6 days we will play the effort of the whole season.
~ Iker Casillas. (via madridistarey)
2 years ago on 18 April 2012 ~ 12:48am 60 notes
Gonzalo Higuain is the most handsome in this attack.
~ Commentator. Yes, he’s a man. (via the-cannon-on-the-chest)
2 years ago on 4 April 2012 ~ 10:31pm 60 notes
Very comfortable player on the ball, looks like he’s going to have a brilliant future at 19.
~ Commentator on Varane (via 10-19madridista)
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2 years ago on 4 April 2012 ~ 10:14pm 37 notes
Mourinho has been silent for a couple of press confrences now, with all the things that happened he should’ve said something by now, but trust me he won’t stay silent for long, the man loves talking
~ Al-Jazerra Comentator (via jadorvotrevie)
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2 years ago on 27 March 2012 ~ 10:35pm 28 notes
the fairness of this match should be something to be questioned. whether ozil deserved that red card is something that must be looked at. Mesut spanish is not the greatest he might have said something and must not have meant it. looking at Ramos and his red i think it was a fair call but this all goes back to the coach. if the coach acts in a horrible way during the match causing him to be sent off could be a contributing factor to what the situation that occurred in the last few minutes
~ commentator (via realmadrid-lover)
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2 years ago on 22 March 2012 ~ 1:20am 15 notes